Instrumenti is one of Europe’s most exciting and promising new music projects based in Riga, Latvia. After releasing their debut album TRU and filling the biggest concert venues in Latvia, Instrumenti have proven to be the best Baltic live act of the last decade. Being the most sought-after Baltic act, Instrumenti have played the biggest venues in the Baltic states and have taken part in numerous festivals and showcases all over Europe (Germany, Austria, Iceland, Norway, Poland, UK, France, Belgium, Czech Republic etc.) What makes Instrumenti captivating is the duo’s natural wit, charisma, creativity and outstanding musical skills that allow them to delicately blend different styles and genres, creating a facinating aural and visual adventure. Instrumenti second album PROCRASTINATION was released on May 21st, 2013. A serie of six unforgettable PROCRASTINATION shows in Riga gathered more than 8 thousand people.

See how the artwork of Instrumenti debut album was done